Trust 30-Day Scripture Journal + Memory Verse Card Bundle

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Are you struggling to trust in God? Could you use some help building (or rebuilding) your trust in Him? If so, you are not alone. That is why we have put together this amazing TRUST bundle with two of our most popular products!

Here is what you will get in your bundle:

Trust: 30-Day Scripture Journal

ISBN: 978-1-947435-01-8

Trusting in God isn't always an easy thing to do. You can build your faith in the are of trusting God by spending time in His Word and hiding God's promises in your heart.

That's why we have created, Trust: 30-Day Scripture Journal. Our 30-Day Scripture Journal collection will help you build your faith in God in specific areas through carefully chosen KJV Scriptures.

THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT: You will receive immediate access to your download file upon completed payment. You can print it out on your home computer printer or at your local office store. 

The Trust: 30-Day Scripture Journal includes:

  • 30 KJV Bible verses about trust
  • 30 beautiful 8x10 Scripture art printables of each journaling verse
  • 30 printable journaling pages


TRUST Printable 3x5 Scripture Cards (30 Verses)

Memorizing Scripture is something that we strive to do on a daily basis. We love how hiding God's Word in our heart gives us increased faith and the wisdom to carry out God's will for our lives. If you are looking to memorize more of God's Word, these 3x5 printable cards a great tool to help!

THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT: You will receive immediate access to your download file upon completed payment.

Trust Printable 3x5 Scripture cards you will receive:

  • 30 beautiful color 3x5 printable cards (digital PDF)
  • each of the 30 cards has a memory verse about trusting God


You can print out and laminate these cards and then hole punch the top left-hand corner and use a clasp to keep them together. This makes for easy transport in a purse or bag. 


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