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Customer Testimonials

In the busyness of life, it’s oftentimes things like memorizing Scripture that falls by the wayside. In Matters of the Heart, Carlie makes this important habit super simple. With weekly verses coupled with her own personal insight and thought-provoking questions to ponder, not only will memorizing Scripture become a habit you can finally conquer, the devotional-style writings will bless your heart.


I’m not very good at memorizing scripture. So it is something that I try to avoid. Reading this book inspired me to give it another go. Life as a mom gets really busy but this is one spiritual discipline I don’t want to neglect anymore. Carlie shares her heart on the pages of this book. She is so encouraging and authentic.


The Fruit of the Spirit Family Bible Study Guide book has helped our family establish a regular and very fun Bible reading routine. From the ideas in this book we’ve been able to overcome our fear of “messing up” when it comes to teaching our family about Jesus. This book opened up our eyes and really made us do the work we were always expecting others to do. Thank you so much to the authors Mike + Carlie for writing this. It really changed our family!

Linda Johnson