Site Licenses + Wholesale Pricing

Site Licenses + Wholesale Pricing

Below you will find the qualifications for both site licenses and wholesale pricing. 

Site License

A site license is discounted pricing available for churches, Christian schools, missionaries and similar groups to use as they are teaching a small group, class, etc. If you fit these guidelines, you are able to print and make copies of the material and distribute to your small group.

IMPORTANT: You may not distribute the digital files, this is illegal and falls outside of the terms of the site licensing agreement. You must print them out. This license also does not grant you the ability to just give the book to anyone. It is for ministries, classrooms, and small group teaching only.

Discounted Rates on Softcover Books (Wholesale)

If you are interested in ordering 10 or more paperback books for a small group or to resell in a retail store, please reach out to us for wholesale pricing. You can contact us here: